Optoelectrónica Icalma
Alvaro Casanova 329A #4, La Reina, Santiago, Chile
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Optoelectronica Icalma is an innovative company, manufacturer of optical diagnostic tools for businesses and professional users . Our products include:
Low-cost ultraviolet detectors

We are oriented to meet the customers needs, that is why most of our products have been developed from the interaction and knowledge of the problems of our clients.

Our services are designed to deliver answers that really guide our clients in solving their problems. To this end, we specialize in the following areas:
UV Measurements
Calibration of UV equipment
Transmition of UV radiation

Our company was founded in 1996 and since then has provided electronic and optical solutions to companies such as:

National Cancer Corporation, Conac, http://www.conac.cl

Austral University, http://www.uach.cl/

Grifols Chile , http://www.grifols.com

Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation, http://www.skincaf.org/

Mining Los Pelambres, http://www.pelambres.cl/

Mining Cerro Colorado,http://www.cerrocolorado.cl/

Perkins Chilena S.A., http://www.diperk.cl/index.asp

Drillco Tools, http://www.drillcotools.com


Alvaro Casanova 329A #4, La Reina, Santiago, Chile
(569) 9 475-92-29