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Sunmaphore is an equipment designed to measure the "Ultraviolet Index"; a number that indicates the intensity of ultraviolet radiation that is relevant to health. The Measurment is done with UV filters and optical detectors. The Sunmaphore measures the UV index and turns on a colored light. The intensity of the UV radiaciation determines the color of the ligth, according to the suggestion of the World Health Organization (See table below). The purple hue is the most dangerous, while green means no risk. The color can also be used to estimate the maximum exposure to the sun without risk of skin burn.

Color Table



Maximum exposure time (Minutes)


White Skin
Dark Skin

11 and more


11 – 22

20 – 33

Avoid the sun, use protection

8 – 10


15 – 30

27 – 45

Find Shade, wear long sleeves, use hat

6 – 7


21 – 40

38 – 60

Use sunscreen and

3 – 5


30 – 80

54 - 120

You can sunbathe with precautions

1 – 2


75 - 240

135 - 360

You can sunbathe


The Sunmaphore has two main parts: The head and the viewer module, shown in the figure at right.

1  Head, which is the module that measures the radiation needs to be located in the sun all day.

2 The display module can be on the exterior or interior, in a visible position.

3  The display module must be plugged to the mains 220/110 V AC and automatically shuts down at night.

IMPORTANT. The head has a white teflon dome that should be cleaned periodically to eliminate dust that accumulates. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth, pressing gently.

5. The Sunmaphore can be installed on a pole, as shown in the photo on the right. The head is located at the top of the pole.

A Sunmaphore installed in the Antilen's Swiming pool of Santiago. The detector is located at the top of the pole


Other examples

Technical Specifications  

  Measurment: Ultraviolet Index, defined according to the suggestion of WHO. Publication No ISBN 92 4 359007 3 (NLM classification: QT 162.U4)

•  Color light output according to the following table:


UV Index


0 – 2,5


2,5 – 5,5


5,5 – 7,5


7,5 – 10,5


10,5 and more

•  Detector: semiconductor with a narrow measurement band: UV-B, between 280 – 315 nm.
•  Measuring Range. Index: 0,5 (1,38 uW/cm 2 ) – 20 (55,6 uW/cm 2 )
•  Accuracy
: ± 5%; of real value
•  Teflon dome for intergration of direct and diffuse radiation.
•  Head: duralumine
•  Dimensions: 56cm (long) x 26 cm (wide) x 22 cm (high).
•  Power: 220/110 V AC, 100 W, 50 – 60 Hz
•  Calibration: Performed by the University of Santiago for each device, according the to WHO standars. Calibration valid for one year.
CLASSIFICATION: Medical device for prevention of the effects of solar radiation on the skin and eyes.

Made in Chile by:

Parcelación Unión Miraflores, Parcela 5A, Curacaví, Chile
(56) 98218-8467, (56) 99475-9229